Carnegie Mellon University School of Computer Science

SCS Dean's Advisory Committees

The Dean's Advisory Committees are groups of individuals from different constituencies in SCS who meet regularly to discuss challenges and opportunities that they experience at CMU. The groups meet periodically with the dean to suggest solutions and ideas on an advisory basis. Participation in these groups is voluntary.

Click below for membership of the SCS Dean's Advisory Committees.


Anoushka Shrivastava, Senior, AI
Aria Lakhmani, Junior, CS
Diya Dinesh, Sophomore, CS
Ege Aksun, Junior, CS
Liam Hower, Junior, CS
Nicholas Kocurek, Junior, CS
Prabhleen Lamba, Sophomore, AI
Sanjana Kuchibhotla, Sophomore, CS
Sarah Fisher, Junior, CB
Shalini Panthangi, Junior, CS
Shyla Bisht, Sophomore, CS
Sophie Feng, Sophomore, CS
Annie Wang, Sophomore, CS
Megha Narayanan, Freshman, Not Declared
William Montague, Freshman, Not Declared
Melissa Lin, Sophomore, CS
Franca Ellerman, Freshman, Not Declared
Elaine Gombos, Freshman, Not Declared




The Master's Student Advisory Committee is currently accepting new members! Email Nichole Merritt for more information.


Shahul Alam
Erica Weng
Katelyn Morrison
Andrew Park
Gokul Swamy
Pragna Mannam

Administrative Staff

Amelia Baisley
Jessica Butterbaugh
Krista Dichiera
Laura Everhart
Dorothy Holland-Minkley
Marlana Ivey
Alexander Krause
Michelle Lane
Pat Loring
Matt McMonagle
Jenn McPherson 
Lynnetta Miller
Julie Nys - Vice-chair
Ally Ricarte - Chair
Kate Schaich
Dabney Schlea
Tara Seman
Michael Stanley
Mary Stech
Susan Vinga